Actress Anshu Sawhney desires to be part of Hollywood initiatives now

Anshu Sawhney aka Preeto Sawhney is a renowned name in Pollywood. Having worked in films like Carry on Jatta, Vyah 70 KM, Taur Mittran Di, Laavan Phere, Singh Is Bling, Aate Di Chidi, Nankana, Burraahh and more, she became one of the popular faces of the industry with her show Preeto Top 10. She shares excerpts from her journey so far…

How has the pandemic impacted the Punjabi movie industry?

It has already impacted the industry in a big way and we can only hope that it doesn’t do more damage.

Which genre of acting do you enjoy the most?

I love doing various characters; I don’t want to be just known as a comedienne. Versatility is my gift and I embrace it with pride!

As a host, what was your debut show?

Preeto Top 10 was my most popular show, but I made my debut with NRI Tuhade Shehar Vich in 2004.

You have been applauded for the song Saazish in which you are featured as an actress. How is the response so far?

Fabulous! All thanks to Parmod Sharma Rana for giving me this opportunity.

How do you balance anchoring, music and acting?

I know how to manage things and like to keep myself busy.

What is at the top of your professional wish-list now?

To grow my business and have a successful stint in Hollywood.

Who is your dream director?

Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Which Punjabi film is closest to your heart?

Aate di Chidi.

Name a film that makes you feel proud…

Carry on Jatta.

Which is your one quality that your well-wishers do not know?

I am a very homely girl.

What suggestion would you give to aspiring actors?

Do not trust people in the industry too much… If you have faith in your talent, then do not beg.

Are you fond of cooking?

I am an amazing cook!

Is it tough to be yourself in the industry?

It is a bag full of troubles if you are popular… Your personal life goes for a toss.

Your biggest achievement so far?

My show Preeto Top 10. I am globally known as Preeto due to the show.

— Dharam Pal

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