Actor Sahil Anand on health

Movies, reality shows and TV series, Sahil Anand has found his place in the industry. Working in Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 these days, the actor takes his health quite seriously. He shares with us his fitness routine…

The meaning of fitness

Fitness to me is channelising my energies into moulding myself to become better – physically and mentally.

Dietary needs

Eating healthy and good is important for me, so a balanced combination of protein and carbs is what I look for in my meals.

Fitness accessories can’t do without

My gloves, sipper and music.

Workout routine

There’s no particular workout I follow everyday. I do the whole body workout, mix of both cardio and strength as they are important to achieve a well-toned body. I make sure that I take a gap of one-two days in a week.

Indoor vs outdoor

I always prefer a good combination of both outdoor and indoor. There are certain workouts you can’t do outside, the ones that require equipment. But doing light workout outside in fresh air is super-refreshing.Just cycling or jogging out in the nature is amazing and can’t be replaced with anything else.

Day starts with

I begin my day with a glass of lemon water followed by some breathing exercises and then workout.

Must-haves in diet

That is protein, be it in the form of eggs or chicken. I love chicken, so that’s a must for me.

All about meals

Breakfast usually consists of boiled eggs, salad, dry fruits and maybe an avocado toast. Lunch is a traditional Indian meal, while I keep my dinner light with snacks; I eat at two hours before I hit the sack.

Foods you can’t resist

Butter chicken and butter naan.

Sports et al.

Honestly, everyone should play all types of sports but in my compound I play table tennis, lawn tennis, badminton etc.

Simple goal

Have a proper diet and workout regularly.

Learning during pandemic…

Lockdown has taught me that being fit is very important.

Health is wholesome

Being healthy for me means eating healthy, having a fit body and ‘thinking’ healthy.

The new routine

Well, I have just discovered that workout can be done without dumbbells as well. So, I now workout with my own body weight.

Cheat meals

Guilty indulgences! Sweets are definitely a lot of calories, so I ensure to workout harder after a cheat meal, which happens once a week.

Insta motivation

I am not a stalker (ha ha) but yes, I do look at these bodybuilders and gain inspiration from them.

Motivation in the world of fitness

Since childhood I was a huge WWE fan and that inspired me to have a good physique.

Readers, take note

Stop taking steroids or unnecessary chemical substances. I only consumed protein and worked out religiously, and had the physique that I wanted.

—As told to Gurnaaz Kaur

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