Actor Karan Jotwani believes the way forward for OTT platform is extraordinarily vivid

Karan Jotwani, who is part of the show Qurbaan Hua, is on an expedition to explore his creative side. Being a Punjabi, Karan was delighted after he visited his ancestral place in Punjab after 29 years. We catch up with him.

  • Why did you choose Qurbaan Hua?

I took up this project because it was written by Sonali Jaffar and I have always wanted to work with her. I wanted to collaborate with her on a creative level and this show seemed like a perfect opportunity.

  • There are many family dramas already on air. How is this one different from the others?

The story is quite different. It is set against a Hindu-Muslim background, which I believe is a concept that needs to be handled with utmost care.

  • You have been a model too. What does fashion mean to you?

To me, fashion essentially means comfort. It is of utmost importance to me that I feel easy and comfortable in whatever I wear.

  • What new things did you learn during the lockdown?

Well, I have not really picked up a new skill, but I did spend quite some time watching a lot of content. I did sing too and cooked a bit.

  • What is the future of OTT in India?

Thankfully, as an after-effect of the lockdown, I feel the future is already here. People are binge-watching a lot of shows and movies online, and are in fact finding new content from the world over to watch. Content is surely the king.

  • Now shooting has resumed with new guidelines. What precautions are you taking on the sets?

I am essentially taking care of myself by wearing a mask and sanitizing my hands at regular intervals.

  • Do you have a connection with Punjab as well as Chandigarh?

I have been born and brought up in Mumbai, but I have relatives in Jalandhar and Chandigarh.

  • Which is the one place you visit in Punjab when you are overworked?

I recently visited Punjab for the first time after almost 29 years. I explored Chandigarh along with Amritsar, since I have relatives residing there as well. I loved the cities and felt a very different vibe, which instantly made me feel at home.

  • Who is your favourite Punjabi singer?

Well, I don’t really listen to music by a lot of Punjabi singers, but I must say I really love Guru Randhawa’s tracks.

  • How are you keeping yourself fit these days?

I have not been doing much because the gyms are shut, but on my off days I work-out at home and also spend time cycling these days.

— Dharam Pal

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