Actor Bhumi Pedenekar recollects Sushant Rajput as ‘uncommon thoughts’ as ‘Sonchiriya’ turns 3

Mumbai, March 1

Actor Bhumi Pedenekar has remembered Sushant Singh Rajput on the second release anniversary of their film ‘Sonchiriya’. She recalls the late Sushant as an actor with a restless mind.

Bhumi also tags Sushant as a “rare mind” in Bollywood.

She says: “Sushant became a friend and someone I admired very fast. He was a true blue gem of a person and an actor with a restless mind. We really had the best time on set. His rare mind with brilliant ideas kept me very intrigued through our ‘Sonchiriya’ experience.”

“I got to meet and work with a creative mind like Sushant Singh Rajput due to the film. I had the best time exchanging notes with him,” she added.

About working in the film, she said: “‘Sonchiriya’ gave me the chance to work with a brilliant cast and people I admired deeply. It’s an experience I’ll deeply cherish more because of the collaboration I had with Sushant and Khushiya, the little girl who played ‘Sonchiriya’. Khushiya has become a part of my life forever.”

Bhumi said that ‘Sonchiriya’ would always be a special film in her filmography because it taught her a valuable lesson. “It told me to dream, to explore, and to take bigger risks as an artiste with every film. (Director) Abhishek Chaubey opened my eyes to what I could achieve if I trusted myself and pushed myself to the edge of the cliff. I thank him for his faith in me as a performer.”

She added: “A film like ‘Sonchiriya’ is rare, it comes maybe once in a lifetime for an artiste and I’m fortunate that I got to do this project. Abhishek Chaubey’s vision with this film was so unique and original that it literally blew my mind. The love and respect that I have got from people across the world for this project is truly humbling.”

The film also stars Manoj Bajpayee, Ranvir Shorey and Ashutosh Rana. IANS

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