Actor Anuja Joshi is worked up in regards to the season 2 of Good day Mini

Anuja Joshi is back after two years to play Rivanah Banerjee aka Mini in the second season of Hello Mini that released on MX Player on February 26. The actor talks about her life and career.

How was the experience of filming Hello Mini 2?

It was probably one of the most difficult things in my life. The first season was well received so I had this immense pressure to do better. And then this season was shot during pandemic. But we followed the protocol strictly and completed everything safely.

What are the challenges that you faced while shooting this thriller?

Every actor has a different way of approaching a thriller. A lot of time we just have to think of it as if it has actually happened. I step out of the character when I am not in front of the camera.

After studying in New York University, what made you opt for a career in acting?

I have studied extremely hard to get into the New York University. And after that I couldn’t tell my dad that I wanted to act. So I worked in shows like Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Seth Meyers. Then I was selected for a musical which was an adaptation of Monsoon Wedding by Mira Nair. I acted and sang in that. After that I went with the flow. My sister Aneesha Joshi is also an actor. I packed my bags and came to India with a one-way ticket.

Your family has so many actors right from your father Alankar Joshi to your aunt Pallavi Joshi and your fiancé Ankur. What is the family equation like?

My father has done more than 100 films and so has my aunt Pallavi. She has been a great support and guide. Ankur and I are each other’s best critics. One issue we struggle with is that we end up discussing only about our work-related stuff.

How good are you with Hindi, considering that you have spent most of your life in the US?

I was born and brought up in the US. So for obvious reasons I had to work hard with the language. Right now, I am working in a Hollywood show so I am speaking only in English. I cannot change the fact that I have spent 22 years of my life in the US.

When are you getting married?

Right now the pandemic is still on and cases are increasing. And I can’t see my marriage happening with social distancing. I want to hug everyone.

How do you unwind?

I am an introvert. I love to sit with myself in silence. I also meditate and one thing which I have been doing consistently is writing a journal.

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