Aanushka Ramesh, who has been busy with a number of tasks akin to advert campaigns and a music video, talks about her journey to date

What are the prominent projects you have done so far?

I made my debut with the Punjabi film Canada Di Flight. I have also modelled for various brands and now, I will be making my Bollywood debut with the film Mangal Ho.

What made you join the entertainment industry?

I actually never thought of getting into the entertainment industry. I think it was just destiny. One of the very prominent cinematographers spotted me at a party and suggested that I get a portfolio done as he felt I was meant to be in front of the camera. I was lucky as somehow things just came along.

Did you face any struggle?

I think the only challenge for a person who is not from a film background is to connect with the right people. You have to make your way through. I didn’t have to struggle too much. I kept getting offers one after another because of friends and references. I think if you persevere and are patient, it is quite possible to achieve what you want to in this field.

How did you handle the pandemic situation?

The pandemic situation was definitely a challenging time for the entire world. However, it was a very positive time as well, as we all got to learn a lot and appreciate little things. I was stressed during the first 8-10 days of the lockdown as it was a major lifestyle change.

What kept you busy when shoots were on hold?

I did activities on social media, connected with friends and did live Instagram videos. I kept myself occupied with domestic chores and taking care of my health. I was very sure that I wanted to utilise this time positively.

What changes do you find in the industry over the years?

I think one of the biggest changes in recent times has been the mushrooming of the OTT platforms which have given opportunities to a lot of people. That has been a positive change as the scope is much wider for artistes, technicians and creative people. Secondly, I feel that the content has really improved a lot.

If not an actor what would you have been and why?

If not an actor, I would have been involved with something connected to the fashion industry or hospitality. This is because fashion and food interest me a lot, besides acting.

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