Rule of lawlessness

Nothing higher exemplifies the collapse of rule of regulation in India than the daylight homicide of gangster Vikas Dubey in Uttar Pradesh on Friday morning. The total Vikas Dubey episode starting with the ambush and bloodbath of eight cops, together with Deputy Superintendent of Police Devendra Mishra, on July 3, reeks of the rot within the UP society, which celebrates the politician-police-gangster nexus. The so-called encounter between Dubey and cops on their approach from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh to Kanpur prima facie seems to be an extra-judicial homicide because it follows the UP Police’s normal working script in coping with sure inconvenient criminals.

In the final one week, 5 of Dubey’s accomplices have been shot useless, of which not less than one was caught after which killed as he tried to grab a cop’s weapon when the car stalled with a flat tyre. According to the identical script, Dubey tried to grab a gun when the car he was travelling in overturned, resulting in his custodial killing. But there are gaping holes on this story: information experiences recommend that the police stopped TV crews following the convoy shortly earlier than the shootout and extra curiously, Dubey appeared to have been shifted from one car to a different in response to CCTV footage from a toll plaza. The arrest from Ujjain itself was staged for all to see. Or else, how might a scheming, cop-killing gangster instantly seem alone and unarmed, after crossing 4 state borders, to be so simply ‘overpowered’ by two temple guards?

Dubey and his key associates have been silenced. Now, it’s tough to show who tipped him off concerning the raiding get together headed by DSP Mishra, or at whose behest he mowed down the cops, or who supplied him political patronage to stay at giant regardless of 60-odd circumstances, together with homicide. More importantly, we’ll by no means know all that Dubey did for his political masters. The UP mannequin justice supply system is prompt and foolproof: the true criminals in khaki and khadi by no means get caught. The UP Government is a metaphor for all that’s incorrect with this nation’s governance.

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