Shopping center deposits Rs 3.94 lakh for out of doors advertisements

Today News Online Service

Amritsar, May 26

With the efforts of the advertisement wing, D-Mart, a shopping mall at Lawrence Road, deposited Rs 3.94 lakh for outdoor media display to the Municipal Corporation here. The MC implemented an advertisement policy for the third party advertisement for collecting tax from them.

A few weeks back, the advertisement wing issued the notices to the local malls to submit their details of tax deposited for advertisements displayed outside the mall. The malls and stores, which were not paying the third party tax, have now been depositing the amount.

Sushant Bhatia said, “We have sent the notices to all commercial establishments to show the details of tax paid for advertisement. Some of the malls and stores responded to our notices. We will take strict action against those ignoring the notices.”

The advertisement wing has a good potential for the collection of revenue but in the absence of implementation of advertisement policy, the department was not fulfilling its targets. MC secretary Sushant Bhatia claimed that every clause of the policy would be implemented in the city to curb defacement and regularise the advertisement displays in the city.

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