Cong MLA Shamsher Singh Gogi ‘violates’ Covid norms, little one rights panel takes word

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Chandigarh, May 27

The Haryana State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (HSCPCR) today took a suo motu cognisance of Covid guidelines violations by Congress MLA Shamsher Singh Gogi as he was donating items to inmates of a child care institution (CCI) in Karnal on the occasion of the death anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi, where children could be seen standing closely in queues.

“The video clip of the incident recorded and shared on social media shows several violations of basic tenets of child rights,” observed the chairperson of the HSCPCR, Jyoti Bainda.

She noted that the video showed inmates of the CCI standing closely in queues, waiting to receive the donated items, whereas on the side of a table, around 20-30 persons could be seen moving around and standing in close proximity of each other, without any adherence to social distancing norms.

“It is unfortunate that when the country is in the middle of the deadly pandemic and all measures are being taken by the state government to contain the virus, your programme, which prima facie appeared to be politically motivated, was held exposing the children to the risk of coronavirus,” said the commission.

It added, “It is also not clear when all movement of outsiders inside the children’s home has been prohibited to ensure their safety, whether permission had been obtained to organise the same.”

The commission noted that the act of giving direct donations to the children had been prohibited under the guidelines of the HSCPCR which states that all donations are to be received by the particular children’s home and later distributed among the children.

“Direct donations are discouraged so as to ensure the privacy and dignity of each child who stays in the CCI. They should not feel any ‘less of person’ or ‘object of pity’ and this practice of not giving direct donation has been consistently followed,” said the commission.

The commission asked Gogi to explain his position within a week.

The programme was organised at MDD Bal Bhawan, Karnal.

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